13 Wealth Management Issues

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13 Wealth Management Issues
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Certified Wealth Strategist

Through our affiliation with a team of Financial and Legal professionals we comprehensively address 13 Wealth Management Issues with clients who have reached Elite status with our firm. Areas addressed include:

1) Investments

2) Liability Issues

3) Insurance Issues

4) Stock Options

5) Durable Power of Attorney

6) Titling of Assets

7) Choice of Executor / Trustee

8) IRA / Qualified Retirement Plan Distribution Issues

9) Business Succession Plan Issues

10) Gifting During Life Issues

11) Charitable Gifting During Life Issues

12) Charitable Inclinations at Death Issues

13) Distribution of Wealth at Death Issues

Certified Wealth Strategist and the CWS designation are achieved through successful completion of a course of rigorous study of material taught by the Cannon Financial Institute.



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